This is the section of The Dark Tower Compendium that lets you, King's "Contant Reader", see what other readers have to say about the books in the Dark Tower series... and for others to see what you have to say on the same topic! Finally! This is the chance to have your voice heard! To see what other readers have to say, simply click on the appropriate title buttons below to read a review of that specific book. To submit your own review, scroll down to the form section below and enter your very own personal review. Please note: All I ask is that you try to keep your review within a 400-450 word limit, and that you write about your feelings and opinions of the specific book itself... you don't need to summarize what the book is about.

Here is just a simple rating system that I'm using for this review section...
I call it "The Bullet System":

1 bullet = "Not worth your time... a book for scullions and squires at best"
2 bullets = "Ok, but I'm in no rush to read it again"
3 bullets = "A good read... but not as good as the other books in the series"
4 bullets = "Pretty damn good! I want to read it again soon!"
5 bullets = "One of the best books in, or related to, the Dark Tower series!"

With that said and done, I look forward to seeing what you all have to say about the Dark Tower series. Have fun!

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