Of Roland and Susan


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Of Roland and Susan

They forgot the world, their love unfurled, and lived in dreams

They left the world so far behind, they both grew up too soon

Promises made for September fading into disremember

They waited while stars traversed under the pinkest moon

The greatest love, pure as a dove, will never be relived

Perhaps some will shine like silver but will never match the gold

Of Roland gunslinger and Susan hope-bringer, but

Who knows what the future holds for untold souls as fate unfolds?

They found their lives like dulling knives, each meant for something else

They left their paths like there was nothing left except love in their view

They joined their hearts right at the start, as one

They joined their souls and warmed the earth as one life sprung from two

They parted ways, little to say, they lost their love to hate

She died for him, his dreams died too, and darkness dimmed the gold

He gazes to the west, never to rest, but wander forever more

Perhaps to find a trace of the fate that befell her soul, untold

Pink moon and stars and heaven waits for travellers above

And a tower looms in the dusty gloom to cancel out their love

2001 Rory G.

1999-2004 The Dark Tower Compendium