Ode to Wizard and Glass



Ode to Wizard and Glass

Ka like the wind has sent me a sign
Stephen and Rhea - two of a kind
I looked in the glass, the pink spun and swirled
Twins of The Coos, apart by one world

But that was not all the glass did disclose
the cause of my pain, of which I must dispose
The light filled my eyes, the pink pulled me down
showing a man, a book and a crown

"This one, gunslinger, has caused your unrest
deal with his treason the way you know best
He toys with your feelings, he mocks all your tears
he plays games with time, you've waited for years"

There is no other way, sai, but stand and be true
the truth was revealed through the pink that I flew
He may not cry my pardon, for now it's too late
The Wagon is coming to bring him to fate
For down in Town Square, Reap Moon will bring
Char-you Tree flames to stuffy boy King.

** I just hope you don't get the wrong impression, I LOVE DT4, one of my favorites... the poem is about The Great Stephen himself, making us all wait (and wait and wait and wait) for our next DT fix. I mean, really, how many years is it between books? But I love the series (you must have noticed my email address), can't get enough, and I'll wait because I have to (but I won't like it!).

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