The Doors


Anthony Schwethelm

The Doors

Step through The Door, And into the light. You will behold, A wonderous sight! Many of worlds, Around you there be. Vested with "the Drawing", Then may you see. Some filled with truth, While others are lying. If you haven't the strength, There you'll be dying. But some of these worlds, Have yet to move on. There you must go, So that they may be drawn. They are the ones that you'll need To continue your course. You'll take them from their lives, But will you feel remorse? The first will be strange, A prisoner he'll be. What rests on his back, Is one heavy monkey. Befriend them you must, A difficult task. But stand on your guard, For the second wears a mask. The last of the three, Will be the strangest of all. Can you save the likes of him, Or allow him to fall? To go through The Doors, Is to tempt the Beast. So if you should fail, On your soul will he feast. You'd like to use your guns, But you can't use those ever. Those don't open The Doors, Only closes them forever. Make your choice now, Don't hesitate or linger. Will you stay or will you go, The world's last gunslinger?

1999 Anthony Schwethelm

1999-2004 The Dark Tower Compendium