This section of The Dark Tower Compendium is a section I created to "pick out" little details, mistakes and interesting points of note within the series for those fans that would actually care to read and learn more about it. But please note that I created this section not to be "picky" or to point out the errors within Mr. King's writing just for the sake of doing so, but because I'm so enthrawled with this series and such a fan of Mr. King's, I just couldn't help but to research the interesting little "factoids" (Elmer Chambers would love me for using that word!) that help make up one of the greatest stories ever told. Also, I picked the title of "The Nitpicker's Guide" just simply because I liked the name a little better than some of the others I came up with.

**Please note!! The material found herein contains spoilers to ALL the Dark Tower books. Reader discretion is advised.**

*all page references correlate with the Signet paperback versions of these books unless otherwise noted*

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