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February 14, 2007

BIG NEWS!! This just in from regarding a possible Dark Tower MOVIE!!

Who is Lost in The Dark Tower?

February 13, 2007 - IGN has exclusively learned that J.J. Abrams is poised to direct The Dark Tower, based on the Stephen King literary series. Abrams' production company Bad Robot had "no comment" on the matter.

Sources advised us that an official announcement is forthcoming. We have been unable to determine whether Dark Tower will be a film project or a TV miniseries, although the latter is a more likely prospect given the complex nature of King's seven-book series. Given Abrams' success on the small screen -- and King's well known love for the Abrams-produced TV series Lost -- the tube seems a better fit for The Dark Tower. That said, IGN now has reason to believe the project will be for the big-screen.

Sources also added that Abrams is indeed only producing Star Trek XI. It was recently reported that Abrams would not direct Trek XI, as many had assumed, but would instead turn his attention to a secret Paramount project titled Cloverfield. Might Cloverfield be a codename for The Dark Tower? Or a completely separate project?

(Interestingly enough, Entertainment Weekly did an interview last year with King, Abrams and his Lost producing partner Damon Lindelof, who reportedly brought a rare first edition of The Gunslinger to the meeting.)

Often described as King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower, as Wikipedia reminds us, "tells the tale of lead character Roland Deschain's quest for the 'Dark Tower.' The Dark Tower is often described in the novels as a real structure, and also as a metaphor. Part of Roland's fictional quest lies in discovering the true nature of the Tower. The series incorporates themes from multiple genres, including fantasy fiction, science fantasy, horror, and western elements."

"In the story, Roland is the last living member of a knightly order known as gunslingers. The world he lives in is quite different from our own, yet it bears striking similarities to it. Politically organized along the lines of a feudal society, it shares technological and social characteristics with the American Old West, as well as bearing magical powers and the relics of a highly advanced, but long vanished, society. Roland's quest is to find the Dark Tower, a fabled building said to either be, or be located at, the nexus of all universes. Roland's world is said to have 'moved on,' and indeed it appears to be coming apart at the seams — mighty nations are being torn apart by war, entire cities and regions vanish from the face of the earth without a trace, time does not flow in an orderly fashion; even the sun sometimes rises in the north and sets in the east. As the series opens, Roland's motives, goals, and even his age are unclear, though later installments shed light on these mysteries."

This news about J.J. Abrams comes on the heels of Marvel's recent launch of the limited comic book series The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born.

Jae Lee's original Dark Tower artwork up for sale!

Wanna buy some of Jae Lee's original artwork for the first issue of the Dark Tower comic? Good luck!

Dark Tower NYC Launch Photos

Check out this report and the following photos from "Agent M", who attended the Dark Tower comic launch at Midtown Comics in New York City. FANtastic report!!

Dark Tower on TV

Peter David interviewed for Portland, Maine morning program

Check this interview with Peter David on Portland, Maine's WCSH6 as he talks about Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born!

January 19, 2007

Dark Tower Launches at Midnight

Be the first to get Stephen King's The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #1 at these participating stores

To celebrate the launch of the ground-breaking new comic book series adapted from Stephen King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower, Marvel Comics will offer a first-ever midnight release of The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1 the night of Tuesday, February 6, 2007. Nearly 150 retailers across the country will open at midnight on Tuesday (effectively 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, February 7, 2007) so Stephen King fans can get their hands on the debut issue of this historic comic.

Marvel's Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel said, "As the first visualization of The Dark Tower characters and stories in the sequential arts medium, these midnight openings provides fans with the same first chance, gotta-be there-the-second-it-comes-out opportunities that Harry Potter fans have enjoyed at mass market book stores."

"The opportunities this comic book series will open up for retailers is one of the biggest reasons we are a part of this deal," said Marvel's Publisher & President Dan Buckley. "Retailers across the country are sure to see an influx of new customers -- Stephen King's loyal legion of fans who will actively seek out this comic."

Want to know how close you are to any of the nearly 150 stores who've signed up to participate in the midnight launch of Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1? Check out the full list here, organized by state and then store name!

January 18, 2007

"As if the premiere of this new comic series wasn’t enough, the first issue is jam-packed with extras and supplemental materials—including an exclusive prose short story written by Robin Furth! In addition to 31 pages of story by the main team of Robin Furth, Peter David, Jae Lee, and Richard Isanove, the issue boasts a map of New Canaan, a preview of issue #2 and an exclusive story of Roland and his friends as they learn how their worlds came into being-- all accompanied with spot-illustrations by Jim Calafiore and June Chung.

Weighing in at 48 pages, this first issue features all content, with no outside advertising, and the kind of features Dark Tower fans will not want to miss. Stephen King’s Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1 is a unique experience for fans of King, the Dark Tower, and comics. Do not miss this instant classic!

To read more about this exciting news, go to A big "say thankya" to Josh Ferguson for send us this link!

January 17, 2007

Ever wondered what New Canaan, the Gunslinger's homeland, might have looked like? Check out this image from and read all about how they created it here.

January 15, 2007

The Gunslinger Born #1
February 7, 2007
The Gunslinger Born #1
Lee variant cover
February 7, 2007
The Gunslinger Born #1
Quesada variant cover
February 7, 2007
The Gunslinger Born
Sketchbook #1
December 13, 2006
Marvel Spotlight: #14

January 31, 2007
The Gunslinger's Guidebook
February 7, 2007
The Gunslinger Born #2
March 2007
The Gunslinger Born #3
April 2007

Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Premieres With Two Variants

The premiere issue of Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born is almost here and Marvel is pleased to announce two variant covers by Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada and series artist, Eisner Award-winning Jae Lee!

The first variant is a sketch cover by Jae Lee, which he confesses is one of his favorite sketches for the series thus far. Jae Lee's pencils are famous for their distinctive, moody look and this variant can only be described as gorgeous. The second variant is a white-hot cover by Joe Quesada as he shows off his take on Stephen King's character.

Expanding on the epic hero of King's creation, Roland Deschain, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born delivers an all-new comic by Stephen King expert Robin Furth, New York Times Best-Selling author Peter David, and eye-popping art by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove. Stephen King fans and comic fans do not want to miss this instant classic!

Written by Peter David & Robin furth
Art and Cover by Jae Lee & Richard Isanove
48 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

Written by Peter David & Robin furth
Art by Jae Lee & Richard Isanove
Sketch Variant Cover by JAE LEE
48 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

Written by Peter David & Robin furth
Art by Jae Lee & Richard Isanove
Variant Cover by JOE QUESADA
48 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

Dark Tower Trailer

See and hear Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born as never before with this new trailer

Can't wait for the first issue of Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born to hit comic shops on February 7? Need your fix now? Don't worry, Marvel has you covered with this exciting new trailer that adds a completely new dimension to the Dark Tower mythos with exciting music, animation and narration, further bringing Stephen King's vision to life.

Stephen King to appear as guest of honor at New York Comic Con

King to Join Special Panel to Discuss Dark Tower Series Which Explores the Origin of the Notorious Gunslinger Character

NEW YORK – World Fantasy Award-winning writer Stephen King, long acknowledged as the master of modern horror, will appear as a Guest of Honor at New York Comic Con taking place February 23-25, 2007. King will join a special panel hosted by Joe Quesada, Editor In Chief of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. on Saturday, February 24, 2007 to discuss the ground-breaking new comic book series adapted from his magnum opus, The Dark Tower.

"We are absolutely ecstatic that Stephen King will be attending the February 2007 New York Comic Con," said Ruwan Jayatilleke, Director of Development, Marvel Publishing. "His appearance will be a huge thrill for Dark Tower enthusiasts, comic book fans, and convention-goers alike. Marvel is extremely grateful for this opportunity---and aims to make this convention a landmark event for all of graphic fiction storytelling."

The series will expand the saga of King's epic hero, Roland Deschain, whose quest to save the Dark Tower is captured in seven best-selling novels published over the course of twenty-five years. King's unparalleled storytelling power will inform new stories that delve into the life and times of the young Roland, revealing the trials and conflicts that lead to the burden of destiny he must assume as a man, the last Gunslinger from a world that has moved on. The comics will work in conjunction with the novels, further supplementing and defining the saga's mythology under the direction of the acclaimed author himself. The highly anticipated first issue will hit shelves on February 7, 2007.

Robin Furth, plotter of the comic series and author of Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance, will also participate in the panel discussion.

Marvel has tapped prolific author and veteran comic book writer Peter David to script the first seven issues of King's new Dark Tower stories. The series will be illustrated by Eisner-award winning artist Jae Lee and Richard Isanove.

To learn more about The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born comic book series please visit

A synopsis from

"A man’s quest begins with a boy’s test.

In a world that has moved on, young Roland Deschain will one day be known as the Gunslinger-but for now, he is merely a boy on the cusp of manhood. For years, his fate has been manipulated by the sorcerer known as Marten Broadcloak, who serves the Crimson King-an immortal shape-shifter living only to destroy the legendary Dark Tower: the axis of creation upon which all worlds revolve. And for the Crimson King’s plans to succeed, Roland must be destroyed.

Roland and his friends, Alain and Cuthbert, uncover a plot by the evil John Farson (also a servant of the Crimson King) to destroy the Affiliation, the network that unites the world’s baronies and maintains an uneasy peace. But Roland has another mission on his mind-winning the heart of the beautiful Susan Delgado, who he met in Hambry, and who holds a secret of unspeakable horror...

For Roland, these are only the first steps on the road to the Dark Tower, where he will learn the true nature of his quest, and, perhaps, the secrets of existence itself."

Stephen King breaks new ground at Marvel with original comic series based on his epic The Dark Tower

New Comic Series Exploring the Origin of the Notorious Gunslinger Character Marks First Time Stephen King Has Produced Original Content for the Comic Book Format.

NEW YORK – World Fantasy Award-winning writer Stephen King, long acknowledged as the master of modern horror, and Marvel Comics join forces this spring to launch a ground-breaking new comic book series adapted from King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower.

The comic series will mark the first time Stephen King has produced original content for an ongoing comic book project. The series will expand the saga of King's epic hero, Roland Deschain, whose quest to save the Dark Tower is captured in seven best-selling novels published over the course of twenty-five years. King's unparalleled storytelling power will inform new stories that delve into the life and times of the young Roland, revealing the trials and conflicts that lead to the burden of destiny he must assume as a man, the last Gunslinger from a world that has moved on. The comics will work in conjunction with the novels, further supplementing and defining the saga's mythology under the direction of the acclaimed author himself.

"As a lifelong fan of Marvel comic books, and as an adult reader who's seen comics "come of age" and take their rightful place in the world of fantasy and science fiction, I'm excited to be a part of Roland's new incarnation," said Stephen King.

The series will be illustrated by Eisner-award winning artist Jae Lee.

King continued, "I love Jae Lee's work, and I think this is going to be a dynamite partnership. Frankly, I can't wait."

"Stephen King is a true literary master. We are thrilled beyond words to have him join Marvel on this exciting project. The millions of Dark Tower fans are in for a real treat, and I'm sure many more will soon be hooked on this epic series through this historic comic project," said Joe Quesada, Marvel Entertainment's Editor-In-Chief and Chief Creative Officer, Publishing.

"The level of excitement and talent that Stephen King brings to the world of comic books is electrifying. We're proud and honored to be a part of what promises to be an industry-defining event," said Dan Buckley, Publisher and Chief Operating Officer of Marvel Entertainment, Publishing.

August 27, 2004
Hi again all! Well, it's almost time for DT7, eh? Well, I just got a surprise in the mail earlier on in the week! Straight from STEPHEN KING HIMSELF!! As you can see in the pics/scans to your left and right (click on the pictures to enlarge), he has sent me 2 signed editions of the last two Dark Tower books! To your left is a signed ARC of DT7 (I'm reading it RIGHT HERE AND NOW and I'm just LOVING it!! WOO HOO!!) and the topping on the cake, a signed artist edition of DT6... and personalized to boot!! WHAT A FANTASTIC WEDDING PRESENT STEPHEN!!! I say thankya from the bottom of my heart Stephen... these were absolutely spectacular gifts! I will cherish these books more than any others and will pass them down to my children's children. Again, I thankee, sai King.

June 21, 2004
LOTS of new stuff for you today!

First off, there have been some new ilustrations released by Michael Whelan from DT7: The Dark Tower. This is absolutely FANtastic stuff!! You can find them permanently in The Fottergrafs section, or below:

Secondly, Michaela (the webmistress over at emailed me on June 17th (sorry for the delay!) to let you all in on some good news! (thanks for the update Mik!)

"On Monday (June 14th) Stephen King called Robert Wiener at DMG books to tell is that Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah hit Number 1, knocking off The Da Vinci Code!!! So check out USA today and the New York Times best seller lists and see that Donald M. Grant Publisher, Inc. is now the #1 Publisher in the country!!!

Also...SK mentioned that the final draft of DT 7 has been turned in and will be typeset shortly so we'll have a final page count soon."

And lastly, we have a new and REALLY fantastic fan illustration from none other the the DTC Artist himself, ZACH MCCAIN!! This new illustration of IT can now be found in THE DTC STORE and is also available as free wallpaper designs for you computer in the Cool Stuff. See image below. From all us DT and IT fans... "SAY THANKYA BIG-BIG, ZACH!!"

June 1, 2004

Hey guys! Check out the new illustration "fottergrafs" that I've got of Song of Susannah! I would have had them a little earlier, but my camera was having a few "technical difficulties". Just click on the picture of me to see more!

May 28, 2004
May 28th, 2004 - Bad news folks... sorry. I've just recieved this email from Mik, webmistress over at

"I was ordered by the President (Robert Wiener of DMG, not President Bush) to remove any and all 'behind the scenes' photos of operations here at DMG. My overzealousness for the project invaded the privacies of the DMG employees and I am now in a bit of trouble. I apologize for having to take this away from you all. In the future I will get proper approval before posting such material. The removal of these photos is not the fault of Anthony, it is the fault of me, Michaela (Webmistress of DMG). As always, thank you for your continued support of our books." --- Michaela "Mik" Nastasia

Sorry guys... but, what can you do? It was nice to have seen them, even if just for a short period of time. My thanks goes to Michaela for her dedication to the DTC.

As an exclusive for visitors and fans of the DTC, Grant Publishing has given DT fans a FIRST EVER look behind-the-scenes of the people behind Grant Books and the processes behind the packaging and mailing of the Limited Edition of DT6: Song of Susannah. Grant Books webmistress, the always wonderful Michaela "Mik" Nastasia (who is also the lucky wife of Grant Books President, Robert K. Wiener himself!), has allowed the DTC to follow along with her on a tour of the Grant "processing facility" (well, ok... it's not really a "facility", but you'll see what I mean!) for Song of Susannah, and has compiled an ever growing "photo album" so that you can follow along with us.

May 27, 2004

As an exclusive for visitors and fans of the DTC, Grant Publishing has given DT fans a FIRST EVER look behind-the-scenes of the people behind Grant Books and the processes behind the packaging and mailing of the Limited Edition of DT6: Song of Susannah. Grant Books webmistress, the always wonderful Michaela "Mik" Nastasia, has allowed the DTC to follow along with her on a tour of the Grant "processing facility" (well, ok... it's not really a "facility", but you'll see what I mean!) for Song of Susannah, and has compiled an ever growing "photo album" so that you can follow along with us. To view the album, here's what you have to do:

Click this link

Type in the following:
Username: nastasia
Password: orchard

And there you go! Have fun, and remember who brought you these exciting new pics...

BUT, we ain't finished yet! Scribner has also posted new pictures on the Song of Susannah website, as well as the official screensaver too! PLUS we get a sneak peak at a DT7: The Dark Tower illustration done by Michael Whelan!! On the S&S website, it shows the front cover of Robing Furth's Stephen King's Dark Tower: A Concordance (pre-order now!). This is a REALLY cool illustration to say the least! Check it out! -- thanks to Liljas Library for the screen saver update

May 21, 2004
"We're baaaaaaaack!"

Ok, I'm not going to bother getting in the whole back story of the past 6 months for you here (if you really want to know what I've been doing for all that time, click here), but suffice to say, I'm back now, with a new look to a lot of things... of course, mainly the animated menu design. All the newest updates for the upcoming DT book that were missed here (but I'm sure you must have read about them somewhere already! hehe!) will be posted on the main home page. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot off an email to me and ask... and I'll try my best to get back to you ASAP.

So, start surfing and have some fun!! *smile*

May 17, 2004
Read the first chapter of Song of Susannah called "1ST STANZA: BEAMQUAKE" on the official Simon & Schuster website now, OR you can download the PDF file straight from Stephen King's Official Dark Tower Website

May 14, 2003
A report from over at Ain't It Cool News has it that there's talk about making an animated Dark Tower movie! Just "talk" mind you, but it seems at though Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of "Samurai Jack" and "The Clone Wars" wants to do it and release it on HBO. To get more on this story, click here to read what our ol' friend Quint has to say...

Nov 18, 2003


During the past year, I've been experiencing a few things in my life that have taken up more of my personal attention (ie. love life, career, etc.), and this of course has directly affected the content updates for this website. I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to do more updates and add more sections to the DTC, and unfortunately, these things have limited my time to contribute more to the website. But please be assured, that the website will keep running (and I hope in the coming month to have that "new look" for the website up and running), but I can not continue to promise to reply to all of your e-mails. Actually, any of you out there reading this now and who have also sent me e-mails in the past might be saying "but you still haven't replied to MY e-mail yet!"... and that is true and I ask your forgiveness for not doing so. I you could only imagine how much e-mail I've been getting over the past year about all things DT, you'd know why it is so hard to keep up with all of it.

Please know that I still admire all you DT fans out there for keeping the faith, and reading voraciously everything "King". I'm still out here, still watching, but I'm going to have to take even a further step back from the front-lines, and watch from a far for a little while, until I can get a few things sorted out in my life.

I hope all you DT Junkies out there can understand the position I'm in, and will patiently await any further updates I may have in store for the DTC. To all of you, thanks for being there for me, and for your understanding in this matter. I will be back...

Long days and pleasant nights, my fellow fans...

Anthony (the DTC webmaster)

July 28, 2003

As of July 26th, the DTC is celebrating it's 4 year anniversary!!

"I say thankya" you all of you Constant Visitors who have helped make The Dark Tower Compendium the biggest and best website on the 'net for Stephen King and Dark Tower fans all over the world! I only hope to be able to continue bringing you the best there is to offer from the worlds of the Dark Tower books, and to continue gaining your support and well-wishes!

And with that in mind... guess what??!! The Dark Tower Compendium scores BIG time!! The master himself, Stephen King, has gratefully acknowledged the DTC's presence on the web, and has put up a link to it on his own
Official Dark Tower website! Under the "Links" section of the official site, you can now see a link to the DTC listed under "Fan Sites". As you can only imagine, I'm very pleased to say the least. Here's the picture below:

There's also another cool item I recieved in the mail this past week, to go along with my Wolves of the Calla ARC... a Wolves of the Calla promotional t-shirt! And my gracious "supporter" even sent the right size too! (X-Large... who would've guessed! *wink*)

Ok, on to some Dark Tower news:

A favorite website of mine,
Dark Horizons (which I faithfully check every two days!) reported this very interesting snippet on July 25th, 2003 regarding the idea of, and King's thoughts on, a Dark Tower movie/mini-series.

The Dark Tower: There's been talk that author Stephen King is looking into doing film versions of his fantasy "Dark Tower" novel series and now the man himself recently commented about all the talk and seems to indicate its highly unlikely: "The issue with The Dark Tower books is there's so much story, so many incidents, that it couldn't be done in one movie alone. It would have to be done at least as a trilogy the way The Lord of the Rings movies were done or it would have to be done as a TV series, probably on HBO because of the violence, the way The Sopranos was done. I haven't entirely ruled that idea out but for the next two or three years while the books have their initial run, I think that if you want the story of Roland, you'll have to get it at your bookstore rather than the local movie theater".

--Thanks goes to Tim Gunther and Dennis Bowling for sending that info in to the DTC!

For those of you Constant Visitors who've been to the DTC a few times over the past years, will know that there is a section on this website that deals with this very idea. The DTC's Casting Call section is were I've made a list of some of my own ideal choices for casting, if such a movie should ever come about. This section, I see now, should be updated a little more over the next couple of weeks to add other possible casting choices, and even room for you, The Dark Tower Junkies, to have your say about this idea of a proposed movie. Keep your eyes peeled to that section over the coming weeks for the updates...

A new music CD has just been sent to me called "Territories: A Soundtrack inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower saga" created by Dennis Downing. This is a type of New Age music that he's written over the past year and has now just recently released. You can visit his website at, or by clicking on the link below. If you'd like to read my review and thoughts of this amazing new CD, click over to Fan Section - Music by Dennis Downing. Check back to the DTC within the next few weeks for more exciting news about "Territories" that you won't want to miss!

Music of the 'Territories'. A Soundtrack inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower Saga.

Also, more on-line reviews of The Gunslinger: Revised and Expanded and interviews with Stephen King himself for you to enjoy: - BOOKS - "Shooting for an audience"

The SF Site Featured Review: - "The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - A review by Matthew Peckham"

The SF Site Featured Review: - "The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger (2003) - A review by Matthew Peckham"

Star Telegram | 07/10/2003 - "The last chapter, The final chapter, The absolutely final chapter"

Star Telegram | 07/10/2003 - "A royal read" - Jul. 10, 2003 - "Stephen King returns to the 'Tower'"

FYI: I've been recently told that the re-released hardcover edition of Wizard and Glass apparently does not contain the official prologue to Wolves of the Calla entitled "Roont", as reported here on the DTC back on July 5th. It seems as though the official prologue was only added to the re-released trade-paperback and the paperback editions of Wizard and Glass. For whatever reason Viking might have had for excluding the prologue from the hardcover edition, atleast you know now that you won't find the prologue there. But of course, for us Dark Tower Junkies, I don't suppose it would really matter if it did or didn't have it... we'd buy it anyways just to collect and complete our hardcover sets... right? *wink*

July 5, 2003
Well, what can I say... I'm a little behind in updating the DTC with all the latest news. Why? Well, thanks to an overactive work schedule, and busy social life (yeah, right!), very little time has been available to me for the past couple of weeks. BUT I'm hoping to fix some of that today!! More updates to the website itself and to the
News & Updates section concerning the lastest news about the upcoming Dark Tower books will be added within the week! So keep checking back to see it all! So, here we go!

I keep telling you Constant Visitors to the DTC to sit back and get a cup of coffee ("because this is going to take awhile"), but today, I think you'll need a hit of mescaline (or "LSD" as it's known in other worlds that these) because you're going to need something that "wakes you up all the way for a little while" (whose phrase had that been? Some man. Roland? I can't remember. hmmm....). Get hooked, fellow DT Junkies, because you're in for a bit of a trip...

First things first; As most of you already know, the re-released versions of the Dark Tower series 1-4 has hit the store shelves as of June 24th. These are the Viking hardcover and Plume trade-paperbacks. Very cool cover art, to say the least, and we now have hardcovers for the Dark Tower books 1-4 that are available for the mass market (so everyone can have one!). Except for some of us, because I still don't have a Viking hardcover edition of The Gunslinger yet!! AGHHH!! (Imagine that?! ME without this in my collection!).

cover cover cover cover
cover cover cover cover

Well, it seems I'm not the only one. If you'd ordered your copies online already, then you were lucky to get one on time. But if you are a hardcore collector like myself, and you have to pick up your own copy at your local book retailer -- either just for the sensation of being there on the day it's released, or because you're a fanatical collector and MUST try and find a copy that's in absolute mint condition (yeah, right... trying to find a copy in even good condition in a store nowadays is like trying to find a billy-bumbler in a cornfield!) -- then you might have been sh*t out of luck. Hey, I work for the largest, and basically only, book retailer here in Canada (Indigo/Chapters Inc.) and even I couldn't find a hardcover copy in stock. Heck, we didn't even order them! (just the Plume trade-paperbacks is all we got) Apparently, this is the same problem quite a few DT Junkies have noticed all over Canada and the United States. Some stores like Borders, and Barnes & Noble, didn't receive any hardcover editions either, which left us to either buy only a trade-paperback edition, or forced us to go online an buy a copy there (hoping against hope that we'd get one in good condition for our collection). Anywho, that's a wrap on that issue, so we'll move forward to more interesting news...

Some of you have already pre-ordered the audio edition (CD or cassette) of Wolves of the Calla from already, and again, some of you had noticed that Amazon had the edition listed as "ABRIDGED", instead of the "UNABRIDGED" version that we were told was going to be available. As you can see now, the error was on Amazon's side, as they have now correctly listed this audio addition as "UNABRIDGED". When this problem became apparent to me due to many e-mails from confused Constant Visitors of the DTC wondering just what was going on and if they should hold off ordering it until an unabridge edition became available, I contacted the fantastic people over at Simon & Schuster Audio (thanks Theresa!!) to see what the score was with this problem. As we'd already seen the image of the cover art for the audio edition of Wolves of the Calla long before the hardcover edition cover art, we knew that the word "UNABRIDGED" was splashed across the image (see image above), so that was the one give-away that Amazon had posted the wrong info. Anywho, again to make a long story short, the problem has been now addressed, and all us DT Junkies can pre-order Wolves of the Calla from with confidence, knowing we'll get the whole story, and nothing but the whole story (read by George Guidall, of course!). *wink*

Speaking of cover images, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to see a copy of The Gunslinger: Revised and Expanded on the shelves of my local book retailer... but in paperback edition! Little did I know (and I don't think many other people suspected this either), Signet released the revised and expanded edition in paperback without any real forewarning. I'm happy to see this for those of you Constant Visitors who've mentioned to me that they would rather not have to read their larger editions because they are able to "get into it" faster with a paperback -- it's easier to carry, easier to handle, and you don't have to worry too much about damaging your collectible larger editions when you've got a cheaper and smaller version available!

Speaking again about The Gunslinger: Revised and Expanded edition, I'm sure plenty of you Constant Visitors are dying (or maybe not dying) to know what I thought of this new release of the reworked orginal. Well, I'm now on my 2nd reading of the book and I'm taking some pretty detailed notes about certain sections of the text. I expect to be (hopefully!) finished by the end of next week and I'll be updating the website (a kind of "Revised and Expanded Throughout" of my own for the DTC!). Areas of the website that are to be updated will be The Nitpicker's Guide section, The Books section, the Question & Answers section, the Collectibles section, as well as the Reviews section. I'm also planning on trying to rework how information is found and accessed on the DTC, but this may take an additional week or two, but I'm fairly confident that everything will end up looking a little better and easier to find/read.

And moving right along...

For those you who are looking for reviews, interviews, and other media relating to the re-release of the Dark Tower series 1-4, here are a few fantastic links to other websites that have appeared in the last week or so (thanks to Lilja over ar Liljas-Library for some of these links):

Waldenbooks - Feature - "Stephen King's Favored Child: The Dark Towers Series Is Finally Finished"
(I still haven't gotten around to reading this one all the way through yet, but apparently in this article it says that King has said that he plans to re-write the entire seven books again at some future point. When you read my review of The Gunslinger: Revised and Expanded edition, you'll know why I'm not looking forward to this at all...)

Kansas City Star | 06/29/2003 | "As final installments loom, Stephen King shores up first book in Dark Tower series"

The Columbus Dispatch Online: Archival Article - "AUTHOR FINISHES 'DARK TOWER' SERIES, REVISES FIRST VOLUME" - "King's 'Dark Tower' sees light" - Excerpt from 'The Gunslinger'

Now, on to some Wolves of the Calla news...

Donald M. Grant Publishing is now taking orders for the signed & numbered editions of Wolves of the Calla!! However, there are some strict guidlines that are listed that must be followed if you are to order one... namely you must currently own a signed & numbered edition of Wizard and Glass if you want a matching numbered set. And to make a long story short here, Grant will be holding a lottery for any of the remaining, unclaimed copies of the s&n Wolves of the Calla, so there is still a chance (albeit a bit of a slim chance) that you might be able to buy one. Notice I said BUY one... this lottery is not for winning a copy of the s&n edition, but a lottery to allow you to purchase a copy from them (more details about that on their website). Signed & numbered editions of Wizard and Glass have been going for the asking prices of anywhere from $1500US to $2500US on places like auction website, and there have even been some sellers who've been asking for as much as 3-4 times that amount!! These guys are absolutely nuts to be taking advantage of people who are crazy enough to dish out that kind of cash for something like this. I mean, I'm one of the most die-hard DT Junkies you can find anywhere in the world, but I'm sure as heck not going to get ripped off of my hard earned cash just to line to pockets of these advantageous sellers. Shesh! (ok, gotta get off the soap-box...)

Anyways, if you want to enter the lottery that the good people at Donald M. Grant Publishing are holding for the remaining copies of Wolves of the Calla, just hop on over to their website, read the rules and regulations, fill out either the requested postcard entry or the order form entry (provided on their website) and then... pray to whatever gods you believe in, 'cause it's going to be a miracle if you win! (and if you do win, can I be your new friend? please?! *wink*)

Oh, by the way, here's a bit of cool news for those of you who haven't read the prologue to Wolves of the Calla called "Calla Bryn Sturgis". In the back of both the hardcover or trade-paperback of Wizard and Glass, the prologue has been added for you to read! I've always liked reading things better on paper or in books instead of reading them online (easier on the eyes for sure), so here's your chance to read it now, and it's like an extra bonus when buying the book! "Get your copy today!" (sounds like a cheesy informercial, but hey, what can you do! *smile*)

And the last bit of news for today is the addition of a cool little Wolves of the Calla scramble puzzle game that contains an illustration from DT5, and you can now try to solve it over at King's Dark Tower 5 website on A nice little game to blow you mind on...

June 14, 2003
Ok folks, lot's of news about the TV, radio and print promotion of the upcoming Dark Tower books. I'll just keep it simple (thanks to

For The Dark Tower 1 – 4:

June 23...................."Today Show"/ Interview, in the 8:00 hour
June 23....................USA Today, cover story of Life Section
June 24...................."NewsNight with Aaron Brown", interview
June 23, 24..............Syndicated Print Interview: feature will run in St. Louis Dispatch, Denver Post, Austin American -Statesman, Milwaukee Journal, and St Petersburg Times
June 24....................TV Satellite tour- details below
June 25....................Radio Satellite tour- details below

8:32-39am:....................Baltimore/AM News/ FOX/Live
8:40-45am:....................Cleveland/"Good Day Cleveland"/ FOX/Live
8:49-54am:....................Sacramento/ "Daybreak"/ CBS/ Live
8:55-01am:....................Chicago/ "WGN Morning News"/ WB/ Live
9:03-08am:....................Miami/ "5:30PM News'/ CBS/ Taped
9:09-14am:....................Denver/ "9 News AM"/ NBC/ Taped
9:20-26am:....................Dallas/ "Good Day"/ FOX/ Live
9:30-36am:....................Chicago/ "FOX Thing in AM"/ FOX/ Live
9:37-42am:....................Boston/ "Evening News"/ NBC/ Taped
9:43-48am:....................Phoenix/ "AM News"/ NBC/ Taped
9:49-54am:....................San Francisco/"Eyewitness News Early"/CBS/Live
10:01-07am:..................Los Angeles/ "Eyewitness News"/ ABC/ Taped
10:15-20am:..................Philadelphia/ "10AM News"/ NBC/ Live
10:30-35am:..................Detroit/ "AM News"/ FOX/ Taped
10:36-41am:..................Portland/ "AM Northwest"/ ABC/ Taped
11:25-30am:..................St. Louis/ "Today in St. Louis"/ NBC/ Taped

June 25 ----- RADIO SATELLITE TOUR- no times supplied
         Nat'l/USA Radio/Live
         Nat'l/ Metro Networks/ Taped
         LA/ KFI-AM/ Taped
         Chicago/ WLS-AM/ Live
         Philadelphia/ KYW-AM/ Taped
         Dallas/ WBAP-AM/ Live
         Detroit/ WJR-AM/ Taped
         Houston/ KTRH-AM/ Live
         Miami/ WIOD-AM/ Taped
         Seattle/ KIRO-AM/ Live
         San Diego/ KYXY-AM/ Taped
         Phoenix/ KTAR-AM/ Live
         Pittsburgh/KDKA-AM/ Live
         Portland/ KXL-AM/ Taped
         Cincinnati/ WLW-AM/ Live
         Sacramento/KFBK-AM/ Taped
         San Antonio/ WOAI-AM/ Live

For The Dark Tower 5:

Oct. 30....................Good Morning America

Oct. 30....................Jacob Burns Film Center (Westchester, NY)

May 1.....................Seattle Times, thriller/fiction summer round-up
May 4.....................Charleston Gazette, fall preview
May 15....................Montgomery Advertiser
June 1.....................Florida Times Union, summer round-up
June 5.....................Kansas City Star, fall preview
June 8.....................Denver Post, fall preview

Also, Lilja reports that he's received copies of the first four reprinted Dark Tower books (WHERE'S MINE??!! I want some too! AGHHH!). He goes on to say:

I received some copies of the new editions of the first four Dark Tower books. After looking through them I can now confirm the following:

* The introduction is the same in all four books.

* Wizard and Glass (only the trade paperback though) has a part from Wolves of the Calla at the back. It's called Roont and is almost the same as the prologue that is on King's site. The difference is that some rewriting seams to have been done. Nothing major but no less some changes.

* All the books have now got subtitles:

   The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger - Resumption
   The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three - Renewal
   The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands - Redemption
   The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass - Regard

June 4, 2003
News just in from

According to the press release that goes out with the review copy of The Gunslinger the release dates for part 5, 6 and 7 are as follows:

Dark Tower V - Nov 4,2003
Dark Tower VI - August 1, 2004
Dark Tower VII - November 1, 2004

Also, on the new - Stephen King's DARK TOWER website, a new flash movie can be viewed that shows some more new illustrations from Wolves of the Calla done by Bernie Wrightson. And if you continue on through to that website, you'll come to see a new Dark Tower website created by Much of it is the same material that can be found on King's own The Dark Tower - Official Website, but there are a few more newer images of illustrations from Wolves of the Calla. Here are some of the images for your viewing pleasure:

Lastly, we have an answer to the riddle of "MATURIN"!! ...and you won't believe where the answer came from!! Go to The Guardians of the BEAM - The Turtle "Maturin" to read all about it!!

May 29, 2003
WHEW! Just got back from vacation, and of course, what would you know, I've missed out on posting all the new updates that have occurred since I was gone! Figures that some of the best DT news ever should happen when I'm away from my computer...

BUT, fear not! For those of you who haven't been "in the know" for the past 2 weeks, I'm going to be posting ALL of the info that you need to know to keep current with events, right here! Get a cup of coffee and sit back, 'cause this is gonna take awhile... *wink*

The BIGGEST news comes straight from the updated, revamped and redesigned website. Man, the new design is just kickin'... I'm in love with it already!! (Where can I get a funky Macromedia Flash website like that! I'd kill to know...).

But of course, the most important addition to the new Stephen King website is the first ever The Dark Tower - Official Website. WOW dudes... this official website puts the DTC to shame. This is everything I ever wanted in an official website, and King has provided just that. Absolutely FANtastic!!

Below is the DT info that you'll find most important on The Dark Tower - Official Website.

"Watch The Flash Movie". Although it is a bit of a simplistic movie, this just gets your juices flowing for what you'll find inside the official website (you'll need the most updated versions of Internet Explorer and/or Netscape to view this website)...

"The Books". Click on this part of the website, and then click the cover of The Gunslinger (it's strange how the "old" cover of the book has been chosen instead of the newest version that has been posted elsewhere on the Stephen King website and on A description of the book, a synopsis of the story, and it's publication history can be found here, but if you scroll to the bottom of that page, you'll find a link to listen to the first minute or two of the newest audio reading by George Guidall which also includes the text of the updated and revised edition of The Gunslinger!

But it gets ever better... within "The Books" section, click on the cover of Wolves of the Calla for the real meat of the treat you'll find inside.

Here you'll find the latest cover art for the Grant edition (and, as you'll find out by reading further down, also the Scribner edition aswell) of Wolves of the Calla. As a favor to you, I'll post the image below:

Now this next part is just going to blow your socks off!! Scroll to the bottom of that page and you'll see a link to the audio reading of the first couple of minutes of Wolves of the Calla!! AND READ BY STEPHEN KING HIMSELF!!! WOOOO HOOOO!! Oh geez, boys and girls... you're all gonna nearly soil yourself when you actually HEAR what's in store for us in DT5!! Ye gods Stephen... you are THE King!!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!! Just to let all of you Constant Visitors out there know, has now slashed their price on the hardcover edition of Wolves of the Calla by 30% (now only $24.50!!) if you pre-order now. Check out the other Dark Tower series books at now to see the other amazing slashed prices they have on the upcoming books aswell!!

Now, while I still have your attention (I sure hope I do!), if you're still on the The Dark Tower - Official Website, click on the bottom menu where it says "Artwork", and again you'll see the cover art for the Dark Tower books including Wolves of the Calla. Click on the DT5 cover and you'll see a small preview of Bernie Wrightson's artwork that will appear in the Grant hardcover edition. Just as a favor again to all of you, I'll show the pictures here below (damn, that Bernie is something else, ain't he?!):

Oh, and I almost forgot... there's a piece of artwork also available from Darrel Anderson who is doing Song of Susannah!! Amazing!! (kinda looks like a bad trip of acid I once had several years ago...)

Here's another interesting bit of info I'm sure you'll all want to read. did an interview with Stephen King just recently about his Dark Tower books, and an informative interview it was! Click to read A King and His Tower - An interview with Stephen King

Now, from a completely different source, I have a more detailed and precise answer for all of you who have been asking about the difference between the Grant and Scribner editions of the forthcoming Wolves of the Calla, the signed/limited editions, how to get one, and the print run of these books. I myself actually learned something new from this info, so pay attention all!! *wink*

Bev Vincent of, author of THE ROAD TO THE DARK TOWER (more details as we get them!), posted this to SKEMERS:

Cujo-Phil asked: "Can someone in simple terms please explain to me what the deal is with Grant exclusive unsigned trade hardcover first editions? Are any going to be produced? What are the print runs? Etc."

Okay, here's the scoop. Donald M. Grant will be doing the signed/limited edition as always, with the same "rules of acquisition." If you have S/L Wizard and Glass, you're guaranteed the same number of Wolves of the Calla and so on down the line, assuming you pick up your option and do so in a timely fashion. Unclaimed numbers are eventually put up for sale in a lottery fashion -- people apply for the chance to buy one and if you're picked, you can get the book, and all subsequent ones of that number if you so desire.

It's with the Grant trade (unsigned) hardcover where things change with DT5. While tens of thousands of copies of the Grant hardcovers were available for the previous books (10,000 first printing for DT1, 40,000 for DT4) the number has been reduced to a mere 3000 for DT5, 6 and 7. This means they will be much harder to come by than the previous books.

I've not heard yet how Grant plans to handle orders for this edition.

However, that being said, from what I understand, apart from the quality of the book's production -- and probably the publisher notations -- the book will be indistinguishable from the Scribner/Grant trade editions, which will be available in numbers to satisfy anyone, even a Ferengi. (It took a while to tie in the "rules of acquisition" thing, but I got there eventually.)

Any more questions? Feel free to ask!"

Big thanks to Bev Vincent and Brian Freeman for that excellent explaination! What threw me for a loop was that I didn't know that Grant will only be printing 3000 regular editions each of DT 5, 6, 7. Man, I've really got to make sure I get one now!! (Thanks again Bev and Brian for that 411!!)

May 9, 2003
Ok all!! Here's some news that you've all been waiting for!! Not just news about DT5... but actual plot points that we're going to be seeing in DT5!!

Caution: Not for the faint of heart... or for anyone that doesn't want to know certain plot points of DT5!! Scroll way down if you don't want to read any spoilers. Anything in the following paragraph that appears in dark gray lettering should be considered a spoiler. However, if you've read all the pages in the News & Updates section before (say like, page 4 of the N&U section on October 4, 2001!!), some of this might not be too much of a spoiler for you. But be warned!

AGAIN PLEASE NOTE - The following should be considered as a SPOILER to DT5.


Josh writes (and thanks goes to him and my ol' DT cohort Deb for this info!!):

Stephen King came to my college on 4/21/03. He talked in the afternoon to a group of about 50 students and several faculty, then gave a reading from Wolves of the Calla to a packed auditorium that night. The reading was 40 minutes, selected from manuscript pages 350-400 or so, and concerned Father Callahan after the events of Salem's Lot, and though none of it took place in Mid-world, it's clear that Callahan does end up there.

Before starting the reading, King made some preliminary comments with a couple interesting revelations. The quotes are approximate, as I didn't have a tape recorder but did take notes.

Regarding his inspiration for The Gunslinger in college: "I had wanted to write a fantasy novel, but the shadow of Tolkien was so long. It was hard to think about fantasy without thinking of Hobbits and Ents and 'My precioussss...' But one evening, just flying on mescaline, I saw a western called "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" that blew me away. I thought, "This is where it's at."

I should also mention that, when he talked, he was wearing a funny tie-dyed, peace sign t-shirt and jeans, and at the end he said, "I didn't mention anything political tonight - but I wore it."

****** this might be a spoiler, but he told it to an auditorium, so probably not ******

King will be a character (?!): "I was not entirely surprised to find that I myself was part of the story. However, I always thought I'd be one of the good guys, and that wasn't the case. I wasn't a bad guy either, though... I was really a secondary character." (It seems weird, but I trust him that it will work. It's clear he won't take over the story or anything. And I guess it's possible - Roland is able to access our Earth - we are as much a part of the Tower as any ther world.)

Here's a summary of the events in the reading:

- Callahan discusses his booze problems, hhow he mistook them for crises of faith, absurdly. He seems to regret booze, but still drinks.

- Callahan is on the bus he got on at the end of Salem's Lot, gets the bus driver to get him some alcohol at a rest stop to try and mask the taste of Barlow's tainted blood.

- He spends time in New York, and realizess there are vampires everywhere. There are Type 2 vampires, which can't go out in the daytime, Type 1 vampires which are like mosquitoes, and Type 3 vampires (which he doesn't explain but I assume are the ancient ones). He also sees other creatures, not human but masquerading as human, who are sort of "manhunters" (these are the "Low Men in Yellow Coats" from Hearts in Atlantis). He sees they are after him - the lost pet posters which refer to him and such, and so moves on. He also begins to experience the other worlds - absurd newspaper headlines, referring to "President Agnew," crazy looking vehicles, Lincoln on the dollar bill and Washington on the five, etc. He realizes this, as he is constantly shifting through these very closely related worlds, often waking up in one different from the one he went to bed in. He observes there are "highways that lead through them" which he can travel, but wonders: "what if I get lost?" His answer? "So what if he did? So-fucking-what?"

- He continues to wander, taking many tempporary jobs that pay cash. Becomes a short order cook for a while -but the name of his restaurant and the hotel he stay's at change slightly each day as he shifts worlds. At one point, working as a gravedigger, he kills a vampire in the form of a beautiful young girl, with a knife to the back of the neck. He is on the road for about 5 years, sometimes kills the vampires he sees, often cannot.

- At one point, he gets an intense urge too hide as he's walking along the street. He goes into the bushes, and a car full of Low Men cruises by soon after. He thinks they look towards him, but they keep going. He realizes, and the realization feels correct, that they missed him because he shifted into a slightly different America as they passed.

- The reading ends with him still on the rrun, after describing one four-day drinking binge. He has no real plan, other than avoiding the Low Men, and he still tastes the vampire's blood in his mouth.


April 26, 2003
Ok folks, sorry for being a little behind on posting this news. Busy, busy, busy... story of my life. heh!

You can read an excerpt from the excerpt (??!!) of Wolves of the Calla, titled "The Tale of Gray Dick", that appeared in
McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales. CLICK HERE to read it now!! FANTASTIC STUFF!!!!

Also, here's the cover art for the S&S audiobook for DT5 (presumably it will look much the same, if not exactly, as the Grant and S&S hardcover). Thanks to Theresa at S&S Audio for sending me the artwork.

Lastly, it appears that Viking/Signet will be changing the artwork for the new "revised and expanded" edition of The Gunslinger that's being released in June of this year. Pretty cool illustration, eh?

March 23, 2003
New information released from King's
official website, tells us:

The publishers for the audio versions of Dark Tower Books I-IV have announced that they'll re-release the audio by July 14th, 2003. Better yet, they'll also be including the revised and re-recorded version of The Gunslinger, using George Guidall's new recording!

-- also --

The story ("The Tale of Gray Dick" Excerpt from The Wolves of the Calla) will appear in McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales, available to the public on March 25th, 2003.

February 25, 2003
Oh my God... are you DT Junkies prepared for a BIG fix?! Sit right back and get comfortable, 'cause there's a whole lotta DT news goin' on...

Straight from King's own
official website, we learn that the orignal Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger will be updated with new material upon it's re-release:

"Here's the scoop on the new material I've added to The Gunslinger. The idea was to bring The Gunslinger in line with the material in the new books as well as the material in the first four. The other thing I wanted to do was to rewrite to some degree for language because I always felt it had a different feel than the other books because I was so young when I wrote it. The material is about an additional 10% (about 35 manuscript pages) with changes on almost every page."

King also says...

"In the upcoming books you’ll meet new characters and you’ll see familiar faces like Ted Brautigan from Hearts in Atlantis, Father Callahan from Salem’s Lot... even Dinky Earnshaw from Everything’s Eventual. For me, it’s like a finale and a reunion, all at once."

Also, we learn that George Guidall will read the audio version of Wolves of the Calla.

It has now been confirmed by Simon & Schuster Audio that there will be audio editions of the last three Dark Tower books. Here are the release date for the audio editions:

DT V: Wolves of the Calla - October 27, 2003

DT VI: Song of Susannah - June 2004

DT VII: The Dark Tower - November 2004

Aswell, here's an official press release that was posted on King's official website about the Dark Tower series:


Unique Multi-Publisher Venture Will Complete 7-Book Series, Written Over More Than 30 Years; Three Publishers will Coordinate Efforts

New York, NY-International best-selling writer Stephen King has finished the last three volumes of his Dark Tower series and will publish the first on November 4, 2003 with Donald M. Grant Publisher, Inc., a small press in New Hampshire which has published the prior four Dark Tower books, and with Scribner, the publisher of his recent novels, it was announced today by Robert K. Wiener, President of Donald M.Grant and by Susan Moldow, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Scribner. Prior to the publication of the new volume there will be a special promotion of the Dark Tower backlist, in hardcover as well as paperback editions, from Penguin Group (USA) publishers, Viking, Plume Books and New American Library.

The unusual arrangement was co-brokered by King's long-time manager Arthur Greene and editor, Chuck Verrill of Darhansoff, Verrill, Feldman, a literary agency. This is the first time, according to Greene, that three unaffiliated publishers have come together to publish a series of books, by one author in one territory.

The launch of the final three volumes will commence with a massive promotion in June of Volumes I-IV of the series in Viking hardcover and Plume trade paperback: The Gunslinger, (first published in 1982), The Drawing of the Three, (1987), The Waste Lands, (1991) and Wizard and Glass, (1997).King has written a new introduction to the series that will be included in the new hardcover, and redesigned trade paperback editions of all four books, including the first publication of a newly revised and expanded edition of The Gunslinger, a tale King began writing in 1970, five years before the publication of his first novel, Carrie.

The New American Library mass-market editions will follow monthly from July through October. In November, Donald M. Grant with Scribner will publish Wolves of the Calla, the fifth volume in the series, in a high-quality, illustrated edition for the general trade, retailing at $35.The arrangement will continue for the publication of the remaining books.Song of Susannah, Volume VI, will follow in summer 2004 and The Dark Tower, the seventh and final novel in the series, will be published in November 2004. Illustrated trade paperback editions will follow each hardcover at roughly six-month intervals. Mass-market editions from Pocket Books will follow eventually. Wolves of the Calla will be illustrated by Bernie Wrightson, Song of Susannah by Darrel Anderson, and The Dark Tower by Michael Whelan, who illustrated the original Grant edition of The Gunslinger.

Commenting on the series, King said, "I started writing the Dark Tower when I was still in college. It's been a major part of my life and my writing career. I wanted to finish it both for the readers, who have been so devoted, and for myself. In the upcoming books you'll meet new characters and you'll see familiar faces like Ted Brautigan from Hearts in Atlantis, Father Callahan from Salem's Lot…even Dinky Earnshaw from Everything's Eventual. For me, it's like a finale and a reunion, all at once. I've put everything I've got into these three books, and I think it shows. I can say something about them I've only been able to say about a handful of my previous novels: They work, they're good, and I'm proud to have written them."

Said Clare Ferraro, President of Viking and Plume Books, "It's a great pleasure to join forces with him again to publish what certainly constituted the most ambitious work of his career. These new editions of the Dark Tower will be eagerly awaited by his fans and provide new readers with a chance to 'begin at the beginning' of this epic work."

To complement the publication of the existing books in the series and the final three novels, Scribner will also publish a two-volume concordance, a reference for the series detailing character names, places and other cross-references in the books. The first will cover Volumes I-IV in the series and the second, will cover Volumes V-VII. Stephen King's The Dark Tower: A Concordance, Volume I, written by Robin Furth, will be published in June. Volume II, also by Furth, will be published in November 2004 in conjunction with the Scribner publication of the final book in the Tower series. King has written an introduction for the concordance.

"The Dark Tower is one of the most beloved series in modern publishing history," said Scribner's publisher Susan Moldow. "For fans who've been waiting for all these years to find out how it ends, the news that the three final volumes will be available within a year will be a cause for jubilation."

The Dark Tower novels have a unique history in publishing. Beginning with a short story published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, King has been working on what became his epic fantasy quest for thirty-two years. The Gunslinger appeared in hardcover only in a limited edition from Donald M. Grant in 1982.The Plume trade paperback edition published five years later became a #1 national bestseller. The pattern of a high-priced limited edition from Donald M. Grant, followed by a #1 trade paperback from Plume continued for the next three books at almost regular five year intervals. The summer promotion of Volumes I-IV from Viking and the fall publication of Wolves of the Calla will be the first time that any new hardcover of a Dark Tower book will be available to as wide an audience as demands it. And the fact that King has completed the last three books signals for the first time that someone who commences the series can be assured of reading it to the end.

Robert Wiener said "Prior to its publication Donald Grant himself declared The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger 'The most important fantasy volume in the history of specialty publishing.' Twenty-one years and four books later, this scheduled release of the remaining volumes is cause for even greater anticipation and excitement for King fans everywhere."

Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine in 1947. He has published over 40 books and is considered one of the world's most successful writers. He and his wife, Tabitha, are regular contributors to a number of charities including many libraries and have been honored for their philanthropic activities.

Scribner is a division of Simon & Schuster, part of the entertainment operation of Viacom Inc., a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic and multi-media formats. Its divisions include the Simon &Schuster Adult Publishing Group, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, Simon & Schuster New Media, Simon & Schuster Online, and international companies in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit our website at

Penguin Group (USA) Inc. is the U.S. member of the internationally renowned Penguin Group. Penguin Group (USA) is one of the leading U.S. adult and children's trade book publishers, owning a wide range of imprints and trademarks, including Berkley Books, Dutton, Frederick Warne, G.P. Putnam's Sons, Grosset & Dunlap, New American Library, Penguin, Philomel, Riverhead Books and Viking, among others. The Penguin Group is part of Pearson plc, the international media company. For more information, visit our website at

Donald M. Grant, Publisher has been producing fine specialty editions in the fantasy genre for over 55 years. Over that period the company has published substantially more than 125 quality titles (including eight by Stephen King), placing an emphasis on time-honored book design, an abundance of full color and black and white illustrations and quality-sewn binding. For more information visit our website at


Book Book Title Donald M. Grant
Limited Edition Hardcover Pub Date
Trade Paperback Pub Date
Mass Market Pub Date
Book I The Gunslinger 1982 Sept '88 July '89
Book II The Drawing of the Three 1987 March '89 Jan '90
Book III The Waste Lands 1991 Jan '92 Jan '93
Book IV Wizard and Glass 1997 Nov '97 Nov '98


Book Book Title Illustrator Reissue
Pub Date
Book I The Gunslinger Michael Whelan June '03
Book II The Drawing of the Three Phil Hale June '03
Book III The Waste Lands Ned Dameron June '03
Book IV Wizard and Glass Dave McKean June '03


Book Book Title Illustrator Scribner
Pub Date
Trade Paperback
Pub Date
Mass Market
Pub Date
Book V Wolves of the Calla Bernie Wrightson Nov '03 June '04 2006
Book VI Song of Susannah Darrel Anderson Summer '04 Jan '05 to be anounced
Book VII The Dark Tower Michael Whelan Nov '04 June '05 to be anounced


Book Book Title Illustrator Reissue
Pub Date
Book I The Gunslinger Michael Whelan Aug '03
Book II The Drawing of the Three Phil Hale Aug '03
Book III The Waste Lands Ned Dameron Sept '03
Book IV Wizard and Glass Dave McKean Oct '03
Book V Wolves of the Calla Bernie Wrightson Nov '03
Book VI Song of Susannah Darrel Anderson June '04
Book VII The Dark Tower Michael Whelan Nov '04

Bev Vincent, author of the future book release The Road to the Dark Tower (, clarifies the publication schedule:

Grant will do two editions: Signed/numbered as usual and a limited trade of 3500 copies. No prices have been set for either of these. Note that for previous books, the limited trade edition had 20 - 40,0000 copies, so this is a sharp decrease. This is because of the concurrent availability of the Scribner unlimited trade hardcover, which is the $35 edition. Six months later, Scribner will do a trade paperback and, starting in 2006, will release mass market paperbacks. With the Viking hardcovers coming into play, every Dark Tower book will ultimately be available in five different forms (plus audio):


Note that Grant originally announced Sept '03/Nov '03/March '04/ as their release schedule but this has now been adjusted to fit in with the Scribner release.

So, expect DT V from Grant to ship in October '03, DT VI a few weeks before Scribner next summer and DT VII in October '04.

WHEW! Thanks for that recap Bev!

February 14, 2003
OK all, here's an official update straight from
Donald M. Grant Publishers, concerning the newly released information (see Feb 6, 2003 update) about the forthcoming Dark Tower books. Get comfortable, and have a fresh cup of coffee handy, 'cause this is gonna be deep...

   a) Signed, Numbered Edition
   b) Grant 'Mail Order' Edition
   c) Trade Hardcover Edition
2. DARK TOWER 1-4 reprints
3. DARK TOWER 6 & 7


Donald M. Grant Publisher is part of a unique multi-publisher contract designed to bring Stephen King's Dark Tower series to all his fans and collectors. Stephen King wants the final three books of the series to have a national promotion and distribution which Grant, alone, could not provide.

Mr. King has completed the final draft of WOLVES OF THE CALLA and it is now in the copy editing & proofing stage.

a) The SIGNED NUMBERED DELUXE edition will be issued in two volumes using a heavier weight paper than the other two editions. It will be available initially only to owners of a SIGNED, NUMBERED, deluxe edition of WIZARD AND GLASS. You must still own the copy of WIZARD AND GLASS at the time we ship WOLVES OF THE CALLA or your order will be voided.

b) There will be a special GRANT MAIL ORDER edition of 3,500 copies available only to our customers by direct order. These will be shipped in October 2003 and will feature a smyth sewn library binding matching that of our previous Dark Tower hardcovers. The entire edition will be signed by artist Bernie Wrightson.

Under our contract we cannot sell this edition at a discount, even to our regular dealers and bookstores.

c) The TRADE HARDCOVER will have a national release date in November 2003. The book will have the same laid paper as all the previous Dark Tower hardcovers, 12 tipped in full color plates by Bernie Wrightson, illustrated endpapers and will retail for $35.00. It will be in full cloth and feature a standard notched binding.

This edition will be exclusively distributed by Scribner, a division of Simon and Schuster, and all inquiries for wholesale orders must be made through them.

We will have copies available for our direct mail order customers.

We are not taking orders for any edition at this time, but will send out a special email newsletter later this Spring when we are. We appreciate your patience.


Viking, a division of Penguin Putnam, will be reissuing the first four Dark Tower books in hardcover in June 2003. As we are not directly involved in these editions we do not have complete information. The books will use the interior color art of the original GRANT editions (although WIZARD AND GLASS will probably have only 12 of the 18 Dave McKean color plates) and will have cover paintings by a new artist.

All wholesale orders should be made through Penguin Putnam although we expect to have copies available for our customers.

3. DARK TOWER 6 & 7

Darrel Anderson is illustrating THE DARK TOWER VI: SONG OF SUSANNAH and Michael Whelan is illustrating THE DARK TOWER VII: THE DARK TOWER. Publication of both books is expected in 2004.

We will be posting a link on our web site for additional details as they become available. Please don't call or email the office, as all available information will be posted on the web site.

Thank you.

Robert K. Wiener
Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc.
PO Box 187
Hampton Falls, NH 03844
(603) 778-7191

WHEW!! Now wasn't that informative??!! hehe!

Aswell, I'd like to thank "(Shannon) Marshall Arts!" for pointing out to me that is now currently taking orders for the S&S edition of DT5: Wolves of the Calla. Click below to order now and be the first!!! - The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla

February 6, 2003
Thanks to Stu over at Betts Books, we have this exciting new information about the different editions for the forthcoming DT books, along with who's publishing them and when!

We are pleased to be able to announce that the complete Dark Tower Series is going to be released in a trade hardcover edition!

The first four titles will be released in June by Viking. Prices are tentatively set at $25.00 for the Gunslinger, $35.00 for The Drawing Of The Three and The Wastelands, and $40.00 for Wizard & Glass.

The remaining 3 volumes will be released by Simon and Schuster (Scribner) as follows: DT V in November, 2003. DT VI in July, 2004 and DT VII in November, 2004. Prices have not been set yet.

January 12, 2003
Thanks to Brian over at
Stephen King News & Information, I've learned that you can obtain the story "The Tale of Gray Dick" in another edition;

The subscription costs $65 for four issues; the trade paperback due out in March is only $15 or so. You can order "McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales" edited by Michael Chabon here: - Mcsweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales

--see below for more information--

January 11, 2003
Ok, so it's been a bit of a slow period for new DT info, but fear not... I do have a couple of new and interesting tidbits for all you DT Junkies out there. *smile*

Here's some really interesting, up-to-the-minute, DT/King news. As stated on King's official website, March 2003 will see a King short story (and up till just recently, thought to be completely new and separate from anything that King has done before) published in Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern ( called *ahem* "The Tale of Gray Dick". But the most FANtastic part about this news is that it's an adapted excerpt from Wolves of the Calla!!! "Issue 10, edited by Michael Chabon. It will be available to subscribers prior to the March 2003 release to the general public." But just to pre-warn you... this magazine will be hard to get! You have to subscribe for a 1 year subscription costing between $56.00 to $65.00US. Go to Timothy McSweeney's Various Subscription Offers to find out more about this.

And lastly, apparently back on November 15th, Bernie Wrightson posted on his official website ( that he's "pretty much finished the paintings for Stephen King's Dark Tower book. Scheduled release is latter 2003." This is of course, the paintings for Wolves of the Calla. Now, by the looks of the illustrations that Bernie's done for the gift edition of King's From A Buick 8 (click to see them!)... man, you just gotta KNOW that Wolves of the Calla is going to kick some butt!! (can I have a "WOO HOO", people?!)

October 17, 2002
Just posted to Stephen King's official website, is the publication dates of DT5-7.

September 2003: Wolves of the Calla (Volume V of The Dark Tower series) PUBLICATION IN SEPTEMBER IS STILL TENTATIVE. Berni Wrightson will be doing the illustrations for this book. The first edition will be the limited hardcover published by Donald M. Grant Publishers.

November 2003: Song of Susannah (Volume VI of The Dark Tower series) PUBLICATION IN NOVEMBER IS STILL TENTATIVE. Hardcover Novel, Donald M. Grant Publishers

March 2004: The Dark Tower (Volume VII of The Dark Tower Series) PUBLICATION IN MARCH IS STILL TENTATIVE. Hardcover Novel, Donald M. Grant Publishers

October 10, 2002
This just in from King's assistant Marsha:

Just got wind of the information about DT5 being published in Germany in April '03. Let me just say this, THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THIS. The Donald M. Grant Publication will be the first publication and there is no way that everything (by Heyne Verlag) could be put together by April '03.

So, there you have it. The US Grant edition WILL be the first edition after all. WHEW!!

August 14, 2002
You can now buy the newly released 2002 Signet editions of The Dark Tower series (DT1, DT2, DT3 & DT4) on-line!! Click on the book covers below to buy!! Only at Barnes & Noble!!

When you open the book, on the very first page, where there is usually a description of the book, it briefly describes the story and how it crosses over through (and I quote) "The Stand, Eyes of the Dragon, Insomnia, The Talisman, Black House, Hearts in Atlantis, 'Salem's Lot, and other familiar King haunts..." So they are cross-referencing books that they didn't even publish (Penguin/Putnam/Signet, I mean), and other books in the back of the book where they advertise for his other books are given new descriptions, including Insomnia, where it actually mentions the Crimson King in the description, as well as saying that the books it lists tie into the Dark Tower series. Also by mentioning 'Salem's Lot in the part I quoted they are, in a way, already hyping DTV, which I liked. On the back of the book is the picture of King taken from the new Plume editions of the Dark Tower books, where he looks menacing and a little pissed-off. -- Thanks goes to Ron Glenn for e-mailing the DTC with this lastest update!!

July 22, 2002
Exclusive to the DTC : I've just recieved word from Marsha (King's personal assistant) in regards to my query about the editing problems with the past DT books, and which also seems to included the recent DT5 prologue.

I have maintained for years (as visitors to my website have seen) in
The Nitpicker's Guide, that there have been noticeable editing errors throughout most of DT books 2 thru 4. Mostly of course having to do with the direction of north vs. south, and the direction in which the ka-tet have been travelling along the Path of the Beam. Quite a few people have been posing the theory that King has made these mistakes on purpose... that the magnetic poles have been reversed in Roland world, or that the ka-tet were not travelling along the western coast of Roland's world, but the eastern coast (the whole "North is South" and "East is West" debate for all you new visistors). For more info on this, please read some of the questions that are in my Questions & Answers section. This will explain a lot.

So, here is Marsha's response to that query:

Stephen has already covered the direction problems in the new books but thanks for the offer. I know it is given as constructive criticism because of your admiration for the series. Stephen has hired someone to go through all of the books including DT 5, 6, and 7 to pick up anything that was missed in the earlier editions (the first three had never been copyedited) as well as keep him on track with the new ones. I'll pass along your link in case she might like to see if there's something you've picked up that she hasn't. She is extremely thorough, though, so I'm pretty confident she's on top of it.


So, there we have it... again. I have a feeling that some of the things that most readers have taken for granted as being "correct" will change slightly with the coming of the new books. Any questions about this? Please feel free to e-mail me about them!

July 21, 2002
Here's some news about the german (Heyne Verlag) publication of Wolves of the Calla. This news actually made is way on to the internet about a month ago, but I've been holding off reporting it here until I could confirm this information, and get a little more substance in regards to details.

Apparently, the german publishers of King's books, Heyne Verlag, are going to be publishing Wolves of the Calla in April of 2003... a full 5-6 months before even Donald M. Grant publishes their hardcover edition, which has always been known to be the first printing/edition to become available for any Dark Tower book.

Quoted from the Heyne Verlag website and translated in english:

Stephen King's monumentally Fantasy Saga continues. Five years after "Glas" (the German title for DT4), Roland, the last gunslinger, continues his desperate search for the "Dark Tower" in the fifth installment of this epic series. This time eerie wolves carry it to an extreme under the light of the moon. "Roland's history is my Jupiter!" says Stephen King.

After being in contact with the people over at Heyne Verlag, this is what they have to tell me:

I've tried to find out something about the 5th book: we do not have a spot of a written word... if we get the script, we are by contract not allowed to talk about it... King himself wants it that way. He himself tells when exactly to publish the german book. In USA, the delivery time is August, so they publish it perhaps in September. Then we can start with our translation. We want to publish the german edition in March or April... depends on the translator an King's wishes. The script is more than 1000 pages, this is all we know about it. Even the title WOLFSMOND is pure fantasy...we know nothing!!!!! And nobody has ever talked to King himself, nobody has ever seen him....does he really exist? *smile* So I hope I could help you, if there are more questions do not hesitate to ask me.

So, there you have it. Honestly, it still sounds a little "up in the air" to me, but as the months draw closer to this date, we'll learn more and I'll be keeping my ears tuned for it.

July 13, 2002
Just confirmed by the people over at
Donald M. Grant... Michael Whelan has been signed to do the illustrations for DT7: The Dark Tower!! This is fantastic news... there are so many people that have loved Whelan's illustrations for The Gunslinger and have always wanted to see him do more of them. Well, now we're going to get what we've always wanted! *drooling uncontrollably*

June 6, 2002

Straight from the King himself, an interview has just been released on the official Stephen King website (King interviews himself!) that is basically 90% Dark Tower related! To read the interview in it's entirety, click
An Interview With Stephen King to go to his official website.

Here are the questions that we now officially have the answers to:

Steve (sighs): All right, where are you vis à vis The Dark Tower?

S.K.: Well, Book 5, Wolves of the Calla, and Book 6, Song of Susannah, are both done-down on paper, anyway. I'd say the last book, which is simply called The Dark Tower, is about a third of the way. That's a total of 1900 manuscript pages since last July. It's easily the biggest project I've ever taken on, and I'm throwing in everything I have.

Steve: Father Callahan from 'Salem's Lot turns up in these books, doesn't he?

S.K.: Yeah. Also Ted Brautigan from Hearts in Atlantis, Sheemie the tavern-boy from Wizard and Glass...even Dinky Earnshawe from the short story "Everything's Eventual".

Steve: Who's doing the art for the Donald Grant editions?

S.K.: Some good people. Great people, actually. Berni Wrightson's gonna do the illustrations for Wolves. I've already seen some roughs, and they are so fucking terrific. Darrel Anderson is going to do Song of Susannah, and I'm hoping that Michael Whelan will sign up to do the paintings for the final volume, The Dark Tower.

Steve: Wow, he did the first one, right?

S.K.: Yeah, and it's his version of Roland I always see in my mind's eye when I write. I really hope this happens. He'd be the only one to do pictures for two of the books, but since he was there at the beginning, it'd be great if he was there at the end. Alpha and omega, baby.

Steve: Big question. When will they be published?

S.K.: That's an impossible question to answer while the books are still not finished. Let me put it this way. If everything went perfectly -- the way they do in your daydreams, where you pitch no-hitters and win Academy Awards -- Wolves would be published by Donald Grant Publishers sometime late in 2003. Song and Tower would follow in short order.

Steve: Two more questions, maybe. The first one: There were these nifty little synopsis things at the beginning of Books 2, 3, and 4. Will we see those in the last three?

S.K.: No. The Dark Tower is really a single novel. Those who've followed the story up to this point can pick up right where they left off, with no problem. For those who've never read The Dark Tower series at all…well, Wolves of the Calla is not the place to start. Those people would do better to go back to the beginning. A synopsis would be as long as a novella, and confusing at that.

Steve: Will these books really get finished?

S.K.: Until you write THE END at the bottom of the last page, you can never be sure; a storm can always come up and sink your little boat. I know about storms, because I've had a few in my life. All I can say is that I'm trying as hard as I can, and so far the work seems good to me. On a day by day basis, I'm having a great time, and that's usually a good sign.

Steve: Will Roland and his friends make it to the Dark Tower? And if they do, what will they find there?

S.K.: It's time for me to go and watch some baseball.

-- Thanks goes to Thomas White for e-mailing the DTC with this lastest update!!

April 8, 2002
WOO HOO!! This just in! Exclusive to the DTC. Apparently, there was a mistake made by the web designer who updates King's official website. Misunderstanding an e-mail from Marsha DeFilippo (King's personal assistant), the designer negected to state that the title for DT6 (YES! DT6!!) is Song of Susannah, and not that DT5: Wolves of the Calla was to be changed:

It isn't a change. The web guy misread my email asking him to add the information and I didn't see the site until today after reading your email (yes, an e-mail from THE Antman!). Wolves of the Calla is still #5; Song of Susannah is #6. He'll be changing the site immediately, probably even as I'm typing this.


So, the DTC has once again helped all the Dark Tower Junkies of the world get their fix, as well as helped the official King website get their fix! HAHA!!

Can I get a "Whoa DTC"?! AMEN brothers and sisters! *wink*

April 5, 2002
Well, here we go... again! haha! Apparently, the news is that King has just announced on his official website that DT5, previously entitled Wolves of the Calla, is now being renamed to Song of Susannah. God only knows why this change has been made, but I've put in a request to King's personal assistant Marsha to try and explain "why"... simply because we are Dark Tower Junkies and we must know WHY!!! Right?! *wink*

Funny thing to note tho... both domain URL's and have been registered to Donald M. Grant Publishers Inc. Hmmm... I wonder what other domain names they have registered?

More to come...

March 11, 2002
This just in from Kev over at the
Charnel House... DT6 is being written as we speak!

Accroding to King's office, the reason why King is not doing interviews and appearances for Everything's Eventual is because he's down in Florida, working on Dark Tower 6. OH MY GOD!!! No word on title or subject, but he's at least 100 pages into it.

Can I get a "Hallelujah", brothers and sisters??!!

Also, the limited edition of DTV: Wolves of the Calla is now going into production over at Grant Publishing. Still no exact publishing date yet though, but suffice it to say, it will probably be spring of 2003.

February 7, 2002
An interesting tidbit popped up about the DT series during an interview that Stephen King gave on February 1st, 2002. Stephen was on a radio talkshow being interviewed in NYC just a day before the
Frank Muller benefit. For those of you who don't know, Frank Muller, reader of many King books on audio cassette (including the re-release of the DT series on audio after DT4 came out), suffered a serious motorcycle accident a few weeks ago, and there was a benefit celebrity show put on for Frank to help cover medical and rehab bills. King (who read from Different Seasons), along with Peter Straub, John Grisham, and a few others, performed and read from their books to a packed audience at Town Hall in NYC on Saturday, February 2nd, 2002 at 8:00pm.

During the radio interview, King stated that before the accident happened to Frank, he had dedicated DT5 to Frank.

"To Frank Muller... who hears the voices in my head."

It is not known whether or not the dedication will still remain as this, but I'm willing to bet that it will be.

To hear King's interview in it's entirety, please click here. For the DT related piece in this interview, please forward to time index 3:35.

February 5, 2002
DTV: Wolves of the Calla is finally finished!! Kev Quigley over at the
Charnel House reports that

it's 900 pages long! (I'm assuming this is manuscript pages, which means that the actual published book will probably be a bit shorter...)

More exciting news and updates to come in the next couple of days, and you'll only find it right here at The Dark Tower Compendium!!!

January 15, 2002
Here's a little bit of interesting King/DT related news:

HEADLINE: King of custom desks commissioned by horror author
BYLINE: Susan Balcom
SOURCE: Vancouver Sun

American novelist Stephen King has hired a North Vancouver furniture designer to make a writing desk for his Florida home.

The desk, which cost $40,000 Cdn., is the most prestigious sale yet for Peter Pierobon, who has been showing his work at art galleries in the U.S. The desk is made from sapele, a reddish-brown mahogany-like wood from Africa. It has two secret drawers and a mysterious line of raised script on its black leather surface.

King, who is famous for his thrillers and horror stories, wanted the phrase "All Things Serve the Beam," written in Gregg shorthand on the desk top.

"I have no idea what that means," says Pierobon, who often uses language-based decoration in his work as a way to communicate with whoever uses the piece. "I have never spoken directly to Stephen King. This has all been done through various middlemen on the Internet."

King commissioned the piece after viewing Pierobon's designs at, the Web site for the John Elder Gallery in New York.

Thanks goes to Brian Freeman over at for sending in that report.

December 14, 2001
Now officially stated on Stephen King's personal website (, the title IS The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla.

Berni Wrightson will be doing the illustrations for the book. The First Edition will be the limited hardcover published by Donald M. Grant Publishers. No firm publication date has been set, but it is most likely that it will be sometime in 2003.

Berni Wrightson ( has also illustrated two other Stephen King novels: The Stand and Cycle of the Werewolf. I'm soooooooo looking forward to seeing what Berni can do with the DT series!!

December 11, 2001
Kevin Quigley over at the Charnel House has just reported in to The Dark Tower Compendium that we now have an OFFICIAL new title for Dark Tower 5!! As reported by Stephen King himself on his own website (which he then later decided to retract) that he might name the 5th book The Crawling Shadow, here at long last, we now know the official name of DT5!!




Sources also report that, while nothing's confirmed, we could be looking at an early 2003 publication date. VERY cool, huh?! And also notice how the titles are starting with W's now? Waste Lands, Wizard and Glass, and now, Wolves of the Calla.

November 20, 2001
Here's an exciting new piece of news straight from Kevin Quigley's website Charnel House, concerning the Dark Tower short story The Little Sisters of Eluria that appeared in the anthology Legends back in '98. Seems that King will be re-releasing the story again in his own anthology called Everything's Eventual due in March of 2002. Here's the list of short stories that will be appearing in this anthology (courtesy of Charnel House):

1. Riding the Bullet
2. Luckey Quarter
3. Autopsy Room Four
4. L.T.'s Theory of Pets
5. Lunch at the Gotham Cafe
6. The Man in the Black Suit
7. Everything's Eventual
8. That Feeling, You can Only Say What It Is in French
9. The Little Sisters of Eluria
10. The Road Virus Heads North
11. In the Deathroom
12. 1408
13. All That You Love Will be Carried Away

This should be very exciting for fans of the DT series who haven't yet had to opportunity to read The Little Sisters of Eluria yet. And it's coming soon!! March 2002 is just around the corner... *smile*

November 9, 2001
Just an update to information that most of us Dark Tower Junkies have already assumed will happen as to the publication of DTV. Marsha DeFilippo (King's personal assistant), has just confirmed this for The Dark Tower Compendium:

"The decision still has not been made as to who the publisher will be for the paperback editions but it is unlikely that it will be Signet/Plume as they are a part of the Putnam/Penguin group."

For those of us that have been following King's career, we've known that King wasn't too happy with his previous publishers at Putnam/Penguin (also known as Viking for the hardcover novels), so that was why he moved to Simon & Schuster/Scribner starting with the book Bag of Bones. Because of his move to a new publisher, this would of course affect who the publisher of the next DT book will be. All of the past DT novels had been published -- for the trade paperback and mass market paperback -- by Plume and Signet respectively, but now, all that will be changed. My best bet is that King will of course stay with his new publishers for the DTV release. Pocketbooks will do the mass market paperback while one of Simon & Schuster's subsidiaries (NOT Scribner though) will do the trade paperback (a la Plume's version of the Grant hardcover for DTI-IV). And of course, to get the biggest possible "bang for your buck", I'm also going to bet that the new publishers will re-release ALL four DT books again... so that the cover artwork looks the same (good excuse, huh?). Well, I don't know about you fans, but I managed to keep myself from buying the re-released editions of DTI-III (I already have the original Plume 1st printings) back in '97 when Wizard and Glass came out. Unless these new editions look really good, I think I just might be able to do it again, save except for DTV itself of course. *wink*

October 4, 2001
THIS JUST IN! FANTASTIC NEWS! (And you'll only hear it here, on The Dark Tower Compendium, first!) Man, oh, man... if you thought that the DT5 Prologue has been keeping you in even MORE suspense since you've read it, you ain't heard NOTHING yet my friends!

Ardette Spear, a good friend and faithful visitor of the DTC, has just sent me some exciting news... about the NEXT CHAPTER OF DT5!! While giving a reading at the University of Maine, Stephen King has let loose more information about DT5. Ardette and some other friends of mine had the privilege of attending "Stephen King Day" at the UMO, and the following is what Ardette has reported in:

PLEASE NOTE - The following should be considered as a SPOILER to DT5.

Instead of reading from Hearts In Atlantis as scheduled, he read some pages of Dark Tower 5. CJ, Mary Ellen and I just smiled at each other in total amazement when he made the announcement. Stephen told us how he started writing at 11:30 am on September 11th. He put in his ear buds to block out the news from the television and wrote. He didn't even listen to any music. He started writing about Father Callahan. He wrote for a while that morning and then started again at 11 pm until 1 am.

The story starts in the mid 1970's. Father Callahan has been working at H.O.M.E., a shelter for alcoholics and drug addicts in New York. H.O.M.E. is run by George (I can't remember his last name) and Loop Delgado. I am not sure of "Loop" is the correct spelling, I first wrote down "Lupe" as in lupine for wolf (this is just from my notes and may not be entirely correct okay?). Father Callahan has the ability to see vampires. He has them classified as types 1, 2 and 3. The type 1 vampires are like Dracula, and Barlow from Salem's Lot. Type 2 vampires are zombies and not too bright. The type 3 vampires bite at will and pass on amnesia so the victims are not aware that they have been bitten. Callahan calls them "mosquitoes" (Callahan called the type 3 vampires as "human bug lights" at first and then he calls them "mosquitoes" the rest of the time). The "mosquitoes" can't see Callahan, but the Low Men can and they leave chalk drawings and lost pet signs for the other vampires so they can find Callahan. Callahan is a vampire killer.

Callahan kills a "mosquito" that is biting Loop's neck. King then jumps ahead in his manuscript. Callahan walks across a foot bridge by the George Washington Bridge which we learn is a "Highway to Hiding" where there are many different Americas. Callahan traveled for 5 years killing vampires before he crossed that foot bridge (King didn't read straight through like I mentioned... he skipped a bit when he got to the foot bridge crossing). I think I am right because in his travels across the other Americas, he would find odd money like the Spiro Agnew bill, etc. If he hadn't crossed the "Highways to Hiding", he wouldn't have found oddities like that.

He ends up in Lee Brook, NJ instead of Fort Wayne, NJ. He finds this out when he finds the front page of a newspaper called the Lee Brook Register. Callahan spends five years working his way across the country at odd jobs, killing vampires as he goes, trying to stay one step ahead of the Low Men. I hope I got this right, I was listening and taking notes as he read. I wish I had brought my mini tape recorder. After he read, Stephen answered a few questions. He was very funny and was surprised by our applause.

Thanks so much for the report Ardette!! All I can say is "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHoly Cow!!"

September 24, 2001
Here is some interesting news sent in from Shannon "Marshal Arts", a fan of the DTC, who found a report on the
Ain't It Cool News website regarding information about the plot of DT5 that Stephen King reportedly told fans when at the advance screening of the movie Hearts In Atlantis.

"What do the authors have to say about (the film)? First, regarding changes from the book version, King stands behind the elimination of the Dark Tower fantasy elements -- he says that too much exposition and backstory would have been required to make them work, and he is very happy with the FBI-recruiting-psychics solution. (Meanwhile, for Dark Tower fans, he confirmed that he is currently working on volume 5 of the series, which he says is inspired by THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN/THE SEVEN SAMURAI and tells the story of an innocent community that is having its children stolen by malevolent forces and goes to the Gunslingers to learn how to protect itself. The women of the community end up protecting themselves by learning how to throw dishes with sharpened edges as weapons. Sounds a little Xena-like to me, but Steven seemed very happy about how the book is coming, so maybe it works in context.)"

August 28, 2001
ANOTHER new message from Stephen King!

I was amused to find one eagle-eyed constant reader had picked out the similarity of the DT5 prologue to Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Although the homage will become clearer in the finished book--and in fact, something rather more substantive than mere homage is going on here--I believe the only acknowledgement the film-savvy reader needs for now is contained in the name of the town. readers who know a little bit about the history of cinema in general, and the history of western movies, a/k/a oat operas in particular, will be able to trace by a short chain of reference directly to Akira Kurasawa.


August 21, 2001
HERE'S WHAT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!! We now have word straight from King himself about the progression of DT5... AND we get to read the prologue he has written so far!! This just in from Stephen King's Official website:

Dear Constant Reader,

Roland of Gilead--also known as the gunslinger--has finally saddled up again. This time I'm hoping to press on to the very end and publish the remaining volumes all at the same time. That probably means three books, one of them fairly short and one of the other two quite long. As for the time it will take to write them...well, that's ka, isn't it? All I know for sure is that DT5 will almost certainly not be called THE CRAWLING SHADOW, as previously reported here (reported by me, in fact, but I was younger then). If I had to guess, I'd say that the push to completion will take two years, depending on all the usual variables, like sickness, accidents, and--scariest of all--a failure of inspiration. The only thing I know for sure is that all these old friends of mine are as alive as they ever were. And as dangerous.

I'm posting "Calla Bryn Sturgis," the prologue to DT5, to repay the readers of these stories, if only a little, for their patience. And in my own defense, all I can say is that it's never easy to find the doorway back into Roland's world.

Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Oy all wish you well. So do I. And as the residents of the Calla might say, may this do ya fine, tell God thankee.


Read the Prologue to Dark Tower 5

WOOOOO HOOOOO!! I told ya writing in would pay off in the end!! (But there's no need to do it anymore tho!) HAHAHA!! YE GODS THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!!

April 16, 2001
On King's website, Stephen King's Official Web Presence, there's even MORE news about the 5th DT book. It states:

"For those of you who are Dark Tower fans, Black House will answer many questions you may have about the Crimson King, who/what are Breakers, how does Ted Brautigan fit in, etc. It will be the closest thing to a DT novel you'll see before the fall of the Year Three ('03). Stephen is planning a return to the gunslinger, but first must satisfy a number of other commitments, including an introduction to a new edition of M.G. Lewis's classic gothic novel The Monk, and an essay on horror movies for the noted genre publication Fangoria."

Well, atleast now we know when, huh? haha!

April 12, 2001
AGGHHHH! A little bit of bad news for us Dark Tower fans. Straight from Stephen King's Official Web Presence is a new notice telling us that DT5 (the tentitive title being The Crawling Shadow) will be DELAYED, yet once again:

"Finishing up Black House is taking longer than anticipated which has put off the fifth Dark Tower a bit longer. The current plan is to begin it this summer. We do not have a publication date, but can say that it is unlikely to be in bookstores in 2001."

Ah well, what can you say folks? Maybe Roland's quest just isn't as interesting to King anymore. What do you think? I sure as heck hope not, but I don't like the sound of all these re-schedulings...

March 31, 2001
As you'd only expect to see on the DTC, I've brought more goodies to the table regarding the latest updates about the Dark Tower series. Some very observant fellow DT fans sent me these following clips from interviews with King, and very interesting to see they are! Unfortunately, due to an oversight that is completely my fault, I'd forgotten to post them until I was reminded about it today! AGGHHH!! I've forgotten the face of my father... however, this will not happen again, I assure you. Gunslinger's honour. *smile*

So, here we go with the first of two interview clips. This one is from the live-to-air radio/TV broadcast of The Mitch Albom Show, which aired on February 20th of this year. Stephen King was a guest caller, and King's friend and Rock Bottom Reminders member Mitch Albom asked King quite a few good questions and engaged King in a very nice 20 minute plus discussion about King's writing. To listen to the Real Audio clip of this interview, just click on the link below and listen in on the conversation!


At the approximate time interval of 15:50-16:30, you can hear King and Mitch talk briefly about the future of the DT series:

Mitch: The gunslinger series. Everybody wants to know when's the next thing in the gunslinger series. So, I'm asking on behalf of them.

Stephen: Yeah, I'm going to go back to work on that this year...pretty soon I hope. I'm gonna sit down and...the three more books, there should be three more books in the series...and I just wanna sit down and get it done. Because I'm fifty-three years old now, and I've been tinkering around with this thing since I was twenty-two, so it's time to put the pedal to the metal and get this thing done because you know there aren't that many years anymore between me and Alzheimer's, so I gotta get going.

Courtesy of The Mitch Albom Show

The second clip here, is a part of a longer interview King did with some time ago (how long ago is not exactly known, but I'd say about 5-7 months go... but don't quote me on that!). Little pieces here and there within the interview contained info regarding the DT series. Not too much new info, but interesting nonetheless: customers' most common question is, when are you going to finish the Dark Tower series? In fact, when Newsweek calls Bag of Bones your "most romantic book," it may be right, but its 1997 predecessor, The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass, is a love story too. How does it compare with Bag of Bones?

King: Wizard and Glass is a kind of Romeo and Juliet story [about] what it's like to be 16 years old and deeply in love--sexually, spiritually, mentally, the whole thing. Mike Noonan is 40, and his wife has died four years before, at 36, so this is a more mature love relationship. One fan of Dark Tower is afraid you're no spring chicken. "At six years per book, that's another 23 years," she writes. "Does he really think he's going to live long enough to finish the series or is he going to do a quicker job, or is he just going to leave us serious Dark Tower fans without an end to our favorite story?"

King: Yeah, I'm going to do a quicker job. I think that I would have a better-than-even chance of living 23 years--that would still only make me 74! So the question is, how long can you go before you start to lose the snap off your curve and the jump off your fastball?

To read the full length inteview with King, click here to go to the website and read all about it! Courtesy of

September 26, 2000
Here's some more REALLY interesting news regarding the upcoming DT books. Recently, Stephen King did a live AOL chat, and here are just a couple of the questions that were asked of him... of course, regarding the DT series. All this is very interesting to be sure! Read on! (*please note: the following is an excerpt from the transcript of the live AOL-Stephen King chat)

Question: Will there be a next installment of the Dark Tower Series?

SKing Live: Yes--I'm hoping to start work on the next Dark Tower book in January or February. The tentative title is "The Crawling Shadow." It'll probably change, as that's sort of corny. $

Question: Mr. King - I was left in complete suspense when I finished the first story in Hearts In Atlantis, "Low Men In Yellow Coats". Will you continue that story in the future?

SKing Live: That particular story is now filming as a movie--"Hearts in Atlantis," starring Anthony "fava beans" Hopkins as Bobby's friend, Ted. Of course the story itself is a small piece of the Dark Tower cycle, and if those books get done, we will encounter Ted Brautigan again. He's a breaker, after all, little as he wants to be. $

Question: Will you be doing a sequel to "Eyes of the Dragon?"

SKing Live: "Eyes" is also a part of the Dark Tower stories. I don't think there'll ever be a sequel per se, but a talented bunch of animated filmmakers from France are making a feature out of that one. $

Courtesy of

August 6, 2000
Word is from King's own website (Stephen King: The Official Web Presence) is that the new DT5 book has the tentative title "The Crawling Shadow". He says that he is going to get back to work on it (health permitting) starting January of 2001.

"Come on Steve! Get to it NOW! haha!" *wink*

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