Music of the 'Territories'. A Soundtrack inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower Saga.

"Roland Has A Sandwich" - by Patrick I

"Exiles in the West" - by Alison S.

"The Exiled" - by Patrick Gill

"The Winding Road" - by Patrick Gill

"The Dark Tower: Legacy of the Gunslinger" - by Fred M. Manahan

"Lilith and the Y" - by Lilith

"Moving On" - by David Andress

"Gunslinger" - by starkraven madd

"Of Roland and Susan" - by Rory G.

"Ode to Wizard & Glass" - by

"Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came" - by Robert Browning

"The Waste Land" - by T.S. Eliot

"The Doors" - by Anthony Schwethelm

"The Gunslinger's Tale" - by Ellen Walmsley

Christen Hilton

David Boehmke

Eric Summer

Michael Axt

Patrick Caldwell

E. Allen Smith

Katie Collette

Bill Mudron

Sean Causley

Here are some cool pictures I thought you might like...

The REAL New York City...

Fottergrafs courtesy of: Marc Hartog... see! I remembered!! hehe!

I'm there...
...and it IS a vacant lot, on 03 January 2004

Boarded up
...and we all know he was!

Now this freaked me out... just before I called Casper
Side entrance

Through the keyhole
Not purple, but could it be...?

On the opposite side of the street (also 46th & 2nd) a DARK tower
Documents relating to the lot

Document showing the licence for the work ran out in November
Now this REALLY freaked me out!

The Dark Tower overlooking the vacant lot from further away
DT references everywhere on the walk between 54th and 46th, along 2nd avenue

The stretch along 46th to 54th - another vacant lot!
Why does Wachovia ring a bell?

The tower from the corner of 54th & 2nd
End of journey - 54th & 2nd avenue, NYC, on 03 January 2004

Fottergrafs courtesy of PenguinFilter

Fottergraf courtesy of: ???

Fottergraf courtesy of: Anthony Schwethelm

Fottergraf courtesy of: Jeff Harkins

Fottergrafs courtesy of: Adam

Fottergraf courtesy of: Ash Castle

Fottergrafs courtesy of: Ash Castle

Fottergraf courtesy of: Ben Pearson

Fottergrafs courtesy of: Clenet Corderman

Fottergraf courtesy of: Zach McCain (DTC artist)

Fottergrafs courtesy of: Graham

Fottergraf courtesy of: Isabelle

Fottergraf courtesy of: Aubrey

Fottergrafs courtesy of: Chelsea

Fottergraf courtesy of: Matt

Fottergraf courtesy of: David

Fottergrafs courtesy of: Jay

Fottergraf courtesy of: Jennifer Weldy

Fottergrafs courtesy of: Joe Wygocki

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