"What's the name/title of the songs you have playing on the DTC?! I love them!! Where can I get them??!!"

These questions have been asked by THOUSANDS of inquisitive and delighted fans of the DTC over the past years. The answer of course, has been posted on the "Contests" page since last July, but it seems as though people haven't managed to see it. So, finally, here's the answer you've all been waiting for. Many people were CONVINCED that the music was by Ennio Morricone from the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (one of the best movies, by the way!), but unfortunately for them, this is wrong. So, what's the answer?

The ANSWER is: The PC CD-ROM game "OUTLAWS", by Lucasarts, featuring an original music score by Clint Bajakian.

This game was one of my favorite games back in my ol' PC game playin' days. I was and still am a big LucasArts gaming fan, and ever since I first played OUTLAWS, I knew this music was a perfect Dark Tower fit.

To buy this music and learn more about this game and Clint Bajakian, please visit these links below.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with LucasArts Entertainment, and in no way receiving any sellers fees for advertising this game and the soundtrack for Lucasarts. I'm doing this solely for the purpose of leting Dark Tower fans know about a great PC game and EXCELLENT music!

Wikipedia "Outlaws" page
Clint Bajakian Composer Interview on TeamXbox
Clint Bajakian Composer Interview on Gamespy.com

Have fun! I hope you all are happy with the answer! *smile*

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