This is a picture of a 1st printing The Gunslinger printed by D.M. Grant. This piece can go for as much as $500-800 US for a mint copy and had a print run of 10,000 in '82. Due to readers demands for more, a 2nd printng was released that looked exactly like the 1st. Also the signed limited edition was released with its own slipcase.

This is a picture of an unfolded D.M. Grant The Gunslinger dustjacket. This dustjacket has a mylar covering that will protect it from aging due to air climate (moisture), sunlight (fading/yellowing), and other elements... an excellent idea for such a valuable book!

This picture is of the inside flap of The Gunslinger dustjacket. This portion of the flap gives a brief synopsis of the book and description of what you'll find within it. Note the price above for each edition and the ISBN numbers below.

This is a picture of a 1st printing of The Gunslinger printed by D.M. Grant without its dustjacket (Personally, I like the addition of the "bullet" artwork on the front... gives it a nice touch).

Here is both front and back pictures of the 2nd printing of The Drawing of the Three. Note the new artwork by Phil Hale. This piece is only available when purchased with the new boxed collection printed by D.M. Grant (see top picture for more details).

The Dark Tower Compendium